Article: Q+A with Jim Krautkremer


Jim Krautkremer is an entreprenuer and a real estate coach. His weekly podcast launched in late August and can be found at and on iTunes. We mentioned it in an earlier article about the best real estate podcast and knew immediately that we should try to land an interview with Jim.

So we did. We appreciate his willingness to speak with us.

Speak with Jim for even a few minutes, and his passion for the real estate industry — and in particularly changing the real estate industry — becomes clear. He calls himself a “messenger of abundance,” concerned not only for an agent’s success, but his or her happiness as well. Two words permeate his strategy: motivated sellers. This is probably why Jim and Zbuyer get along so well. But we’ll get to that in a bit. The real takeaway after 20 minutes of talking to Jim (or 10 minutes with his new podcast) is that he wants to change the lives of those in the real estate industry for the better — agents AND clients.

You can learn more about Jim’s career and success in the real estate industry at


Article: 5 Must Subscribe Real Estate Podcast

zbuyer-newsletter_152_headerimageThe only professionals who spend more time driving a car than real estate agents are truck and bus drivers – and if you don’t believe us, track your mileage and ask your friends (unless your friends are truck drivers). Add in personal errands, kids’ events and practices and travel, and you’re looking at the potential of 20 hours or more a week behind the wheel. That’s a part-time job.

Fortunately, with Bluetooth now ubiquitous and voice-to-message apps improving, it’s easier than ever to work while you drive. But have you thought instead about putting your phone on silent and using car hours for some professional development – in podcast form?

Okay, so you won’t get CE credits for listening to a podcast, but you are going to enjoy it more than the average seminar. We suggest you try it, maybe one afternoon a week as you scuttle from appointment to appointment, and see how it works.

To help you fill up your podcast queue, here are five podcasts, all with a real estate focus (or recorded by real estate professionals), that came suggested by iTunes users, Zbuyer staff and our followers on social media.

Article: Fall Tips for Selling Your Home


For hardworking real estate agents like you, Labor Day is a prime chance to ask yourself whether the glass is half full or half empty.

On one hand, the summer selling season is over. With the new school year, football season and pumpkin spice lattes arrived, and the holidays just around the corner, sellers and buyers may lose motivation to stay in the market. Busy social calendars and outdoor activities make showings and open houses a little less common.

On the other hand, in many parts of the country, there is no more beautiful time of year, which means ample opportunities to maximize your listings’ curb appeal. Many sellers may be MORE motivated after a summer on the market, perhaps becoming more willing to negotiate or lower their price. At the very least, a bit of slowdown means you can devote a little more quality time to the listings you keep.

Call us starry eyed, but we’re glass-half-full sorts here at Zbuyer. We think fall is a perfect time to sell your listing – and here are five ways to make it happen by Halloween.

Article: 7 Worst Fictional Towns to Take a Listing


All real estate agents have at least minor gripes with the towns where they work. Maybe inventory is too heavy, or maybe property taxes are through the roof. But we’d gladly take a listing in even a middling neighborhood in Knoxville over some of the cities that populate our favorite TV shows, books and movies. Seriously… YOU try selling a house where Freddy Krueger could pull you through the bed at any moment.

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Article: Valuable Finds in Homes

zBuyer_Connect_Issue148_top image

It’s the stuff of supermarket checkout stand tabloids:


And while Da Vinci probably never stashed away a second print of his smirking muse, there HAVE been all sorts of odd – and sometimes valuable – things found by new homeowners. Typically they’re found in homes recently vacated by longtime, or even multigenerational, tenants. Often they are historical homes dating back to a time when stashing your valuables inside your walls was considered the height of security.

Article: Easy Affordable Improvements

zBuyer_Connect_Issue147_top image

It’s one of the biggest questions for sellers thinking about listing their home,, one that keeps them up at night as they mull the big decision: How much money is this going to cost me, anyway?

The answer often is not as scary as you might think.