Article: Color Psychology in Your Home

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Color Psychology: Using Shades to Sell
We all know that certain things sell homes. Location and price are obvious. Equally important is structural integrity, as are features including kitchens, bathrooms and adequate living spaces.
But in an inventory-rich market, sometimes the difference in those factors between multiple homes is negligible. If a two homes on the same block, probably constructed by the same builder and maintained by owners of a similar type, are for sale, something has to put one of them over the top. That’s where the more subtle parts of our profession – like color psychology – come into play.
Your first “sell” to a prospective buyer is the imagery you put online with the listing, and even though our tools for creating a dazzling online presence – wide-angle photos, virtual tours and 3-D experiences for example – are more plentiful than ever, it’s often the colors we use that makes the photos stand out, no matter how-high quality they are.
Then there’s the showing, when the home’s aesthetics really come into play.
To that end, we’ve found some of the colors that could help make your home stand out from the crowd, and the type of buyer who may respond to them.


Article: Outdoor Kitchen 2017

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It’s one of the very few frustrating things about summer. You spend all day outside working, swimming or playing. It’s hot, and you’re looking forward to cooling down and enjoying the results of your yard work or resting after a day in the pool.

But then it’s time to eat, which requires prepping, cooking and usually eating indoors, while the beautiful evening dwindles with the sun.

Increasingly, however, homeowners are extending their summer days by adding outdoor kitchens. The concept of outdoor kitchens is nothing new, particularly in luxury homes, but they are becoming must-haves in homes at slightly lower price points, as well. In addition to the enjoyment you’ll get from one as a homeowner, the value of any home – particularly one with a large patio or pool – is likely to benefit from the addition of even a small outdoor kitchen.


Article: Networking Follow-Up

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Follow-Up 101: Making the Most of your Networking
Last week we talked about effective networking,  and how it can and should be a part of your routine as an agent. This week, we want to help you most effectively follow up on the contacts and leads you make while networking – after all, marketing yourself doesn’t do any good if you don’t take advantage of the exposure it generates.


Article: Networking Advice

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Networking, in most businesses, accomplishes one of two goals: self-promotion or portfolio-building. For real estate agents, this is mostly true. The more people you know – and more importantly, the more that know you – the more potential business you can bring in.

But okay, yeah… we know the question you’re asking. Where do I network effectively, and when the heck do I do it? Between showings and closings and listing meetings, not to mention my personal life, there’s not a lot of time to be an active Rotarian.

Don’t worry, we understand.

Tailoring your networking to your schedule and interests is an important part of making it effective. There may be a ton of wonderful potential clients at every Chamber of Commerce mixer, but if it inevitably falls during prime showing windows, or your kid’s T-ball game, is it really worth it?


Article: Summer Prepping

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Five Prep Tips to Make the Most of your Summer

Ah, summer. It’s the season when your office-dwelling friends start scheduling vacations and you start kicking it into gear (though we highly encourage some R&R if you can make time for it). No matter where you live in the U.S., summer is the selling season, with many folks in a rush to get into a new place before school starts in August.

But that doesn’t mean homes just sell themselves. Some thoughtful summer preparation – particularly after the pollen and rain festival known as “spring” – can go a long way toward helping your busy summer season make your entire year. Here are a few places to start:


Article: The Best of “What Would You Do?”

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Over the past several weeks, we’ve asked our agent followers to put on their thinking caps and come up with solutions to scenarios that, while we hope you would never have to face them, could pose a real conundrum during a showing or open house.

Of course you came through with some clever and constructive answers, and we wanted to share those this week. Consider it our Cinco de Mayo gift to you: Because if you DID have a clawfoot tub crash through the ceiling during an open house, a cerveza is probably just exactly what you’d need.

Eco-Friendly Design and Staging

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Even with Americans’ year-round mindset of environmental consciousness – green is trendy, even when the leaves are brown – April is the peak of the sustainability calendar. Earth Day, which falls every year on April 22, highlights four-plus weeks of green awareness that includes National Recycling Month and lots of think pieces on Going Green.

And, as you know, it also happens to be the time when the real estate market picks up in most parts of the country.

There are ways we, as agents, can contribute to this focus on environmental sustainability. The good news is that sustainable features are a selling point for most buyers, and it usually doesn’t require adding solar panels or other expensive energy-related projects. A few simple improvements on the parts of your sellers, or even in the home’s staging, can make a big difference when it comes to selling price.