Article: Blog Ideas

zBuyer_Connect_Issue124_top imageReady to get meta?

This is a blog post about blog posts. Specifically, it’s a blog post about ideas for your own blog or website that will drive traffic, engage your network, and hopefully lead to more clients.

Internet trends, SEO tricks and design tweaks come and go, but two things remain king (and queen): Content, and social media. If you don’t have engaging information that your clients and potential can use, and if can’t reach them quickly with the ability for them to share it, you’re wasting your time even trying.
We’ll save social media tricks for a later post: Today is all about the content.
Unless you have the budget to pay someone for some freelance work, you’re probably going to be on the hook for writing your own content. And that’s actually really good. It should be your voice coming through to your clients. In the case that someone does enjoy a post and eventually calls you for your services, they’re going to feel good knowing that the person who wrote that post they enjoyed so much is the same person they will be dealing with.
Ergo, the personality of your writing should match the personality of your practice. Are you a buttoned-up commercial type? Keep things business-like. Are you free-wheeling and deep into the vacation house market? Loosen things up a little.
Sure, you say: But what do I write ABOUT? The answer is easy: Whatever you like. What’s happening in your market? How is national housing news and the economy affecting your clients? What season is it, and how does it affect staging, selling or showing? The real estate world is your oyster.
But we know the well runs dry: Fortunately there are ample resources out there to help you come up with an idea, which you can then localize to your specific market. Here are a few of the best lists of real estate blog ideas we’ve found:
And here’s a list of some of our favorite topics, cherry picked from these lists and our own experience.
  1. Features and design WITH PHOTOS. When people are house hunting or just day-dreaming, it’s all about the look. Photos are click catnip.
  2. Economic forecasts and the impact housing market. People want to know (as much as possible) where the market is heading. Lead on the experts.
  3. Financial tips. The mortgage market is more daunting than ever. Hold your clients hand through the scary stuff and they’ll be there for the fun stuff.
  4. Seasonal decorating. “15 ways to decorate with gourds. You won’t BELIEVE number 9!”
  5. Organizational tips. Particularly good in the context of moving.
  6. Reverse mortgages, short sells, etc. The convoluted stuff that people will specifically search for.
  7. Negotiation tactics. The more educated and confident your clients are, the more successful you can be.
  8. Local schools and entertainment options.
What are some of your favorite topics? Drop us a line and we’ll work them into our rotation!