Article: Winter Months for Agents


5 ways to take advantage of the slower winter months
Winter is coming. And even if many of us are experiencing a run of winters with than less snow than usual, the holidays and the start of a new calendar year typically do bring with them a dip in business. That’s okay. There are a lot of things you can do to drum up some business during the slow season. There are important tasks you can complete that you typically don’t have time to focus on during the spring, summer and fall. And, at the very least, it’s probably a chance to recharge your own batteries with a vacation or cutting back on hours.


Article: insane Property Laws in America


Here are some of the most insane property laws in America
At the risk of starting a conversation about the U.S. legal system or unnecessary government intervention (yeah, we’re sick of all that too), we couldn’t help writing an article on the topic of bizarre property laws.
A recent research session led us down a rabbit hole of insane laws on the books in these United States. C’mon. If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that a woman can walk down the street unattended on a Sunday, even if she’s recently eaten onions (but more on that later).


Article: Neil Mathweg of The Onion Juice Podcast



Real Estate Advice So Good You’ll Cry

Neil Mathweg has spent the last 15 years in real estate working Wisconsin, first as an agent and more recently as the CEO and “Offensive Coordinator” (according to his business card) at Madison-based Realty Executives Cooper Spransy, a branch of the national Realty Executives network.

“I help agents score more touchdowns and grow their business,” Mathweg says of his role, in which he is charged with coaching Cooper Spransy’s 50-plus agents.

Article: Agent Fashion


There comes a point in all of our lives when we stop caring too awfully much about our appearance. A trip to the park with our kids is a good example of one of those times. A casual date with our significant other might be another.

But when you’re working with clients, who have entrusted you with the sale and/or purchase of a new home — and hence their financial well being? Well, that’s not one of those times.

To help, we’ve put in some time online to find looks that could and should work for you, whether you’re on a laid-back showing with that couple who wants a vacation property, or a million dollar condo closing. Obviously these are suggestions — you should be comfortable with your style and add personal flair when appropriate. But you can’t go wrong starting here, and they should be available to you no matter where you live.


Article: Real Estate Schwag



Think of the last time you went to a baseball game. Even if you didn’t stand and wave your arms like an overgrown child, you secretly wanted one of those air gun-fired T-shirts to magically land in your lap, didn’t you?
And what about the last time you were a groomsman or bridesmaid in a wedding? Did your friend get you a nice souvenir to remember the occasion? (If not, you probably need new friends.)
The point is, everyone loves swag. Sure, the concept of small gifts or takeaways is not unique in the real estate world. In fact, you or your agency probably shells out for logo pens or magnets or plastic cups or something like that. And those are great for trade shows or the like, but if you’re trying to make an impression at an open house or with value clients (or even valued prospective clients) we recommend digging a little bit deeper than the Oriental Trading Company catalog, unless a gross of glitter pens is EXACTLY what you’re after.


Still needs some ideas after reading through ours? The ones in this article from are hilarious, touching and practical. We particularly love the agent who bought a snow blower for a couple who was living in a snowy climate for the first time. We also love the idea of vintage, framed maps of the city or area.
But first, here are a few of our own suggestions for memorable giveaways and gifts that make an impact:


Article: Listing Baseball Stadiums


There are many reasons to love October. The weather, the fashion, Halloween…the PSLs. But for many it’s the sports. Basketball and hockey are starting up, college and NFL football are in the middle of their seasons, and baseball takes its biggest stage in the playoffs and World Series.

Since we are in the real estate business, this got us thinking: What if we could list and attempt to sell modern baseball stadiums? Yeah, yeah, we know. A few are publicly owned and all are under the thumb of owners or groups of team owners that have leases and the like. This isn’t a practical exercise.

But it is a fun exercise! Baseball stadiums, unlike most other sportive fields of play, can have unique dimensions and features, making them easily distinguishable from one another.


Article: Client Agent Boundaries


When people are young, everything is social. Even while our kids are learning in school, they’re also expected to navigate friendships and learn self-control, when to be in play mode and when to get down to business. Of course most people never master it – whispers, note-passing and clandestine texting are the norm in any classroom – but by the time we’re in college and then professionals, we’re expected to know where the line between work and the rest of our lives lies.