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Lose weight. Stop smoking. Work less. Even though they’re well-intentioned, New Year’s resolutions are usually a drag, right? Well, this year we here at Z-Buyer resolve NOT to resolve on self-improvement, but on home improvement.

Fortunately, the old standbys apply to your home, too, as cleverly outlined in this article from HouseLogic.com. Want to Lose Weight (i.e., cut energy use)? That will help your bottom line. Want drink less? Curb your home’s water usage or install water-efficient appliances and toilets.

Good bits here:

Sealing and insulating your ductwork can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by as much as 20%, saving you $200 per year or more, according to Energy Star

Creating a yearly budget for home improvement and maintenance helps prevent overspending, and encourages you to put aside money for major replacements – such as new roofing or a kitchen appliance – that come up every few years.

Making a few simple changes, such as installing EPA-certified WaterSense products, could trim up to $200 from your annual water bill. Add to that energy savings from reduced costs to heat water, and your yearly savings could reach $300 or more per year.

Another fun article, this one from www.familyhandyman.com, gets down to the nitty-gritty (literally… the first resolution is scum-proofing your shower doors). Other tips include getting rid of lint bunnies, sealing windows, and squeak-proofing wood floors.

A freebie from the article:

With a bare floor, you can eliminate floor squeaks the easiest, most effective way: by driving screws into the floor joists. Existing nails or screws tell you where the joists are. Walk around the room, pencil in hand, and mark squeaky spots. Drive screws 6 in. apart and add more screws if needed until the squeak is gone. In most cases, 2-in. screws are best; for subfloors thicker than 3/4 in., use 2-1/2-in. screws. If you want to prevent squeaks from developing, add screws along all the floor joists.

Our suggestion: Turn an annual resolution list into 12 monthly ones – after all, many household tasks are seasonal. That way you won’t be overwhelmed when you haven’t gotten to everything by March, and can instead focus on getting your home ready for the spring with tasks that are specific to that month.

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