Zbuyerconnect: Q+A with Dustin Brohm

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Can you explain briefly how social media has changed — and is still changing — the landscape for real estate?

Ohh boy, where do I even begin! The real estate landscape is changing every single day, because of technology. There’s online/social technology and smart home technology and smart devices. It’s crazy how fast the changes are happening.


Social media has basically given us a way to deliver our message to an infinite # of people, all at the same time, for basically nothing. Through social media the playing field is completely level, and we can reach anyone. A small town, micro budget Realtor who is entertaining and clever could potentially reach many, many more people on social than the big city, big shot Realtor with a huge budget. Valuable content is key, otherwise no one will pay attention for long.


Social media keeps giving us different ways to communicate and deliver content to people.


Why are you an advocate for Snapchat for Realtors?


It’s all about attention. Successful Realtors are also marketers. As marketers, we need to make sure that we have a presence wherever our friends, family, followers, and potential clients are giving their attention. Right now that attention is leaving Facebook and is concentrating on Instagram and Snapchat. So many people are just scrolling through their Facebook newsfeeds at hyperspeed and never really pay attention to anything. Snapchat is different. People pay closer attention because they know that if they don’t, your video or pic will disappear after 10 seconds. Even Snapchat Stories expire after 24 hours, so it somewhat forces people to pay attention. As of right now, no major social network demands attention more than Snapchat.


Real estate lends itself to Snapchat because real estate is so visual. Quality photos and video sell homes. Snapchat is 100% visual and mobile. Instagram is mostly visual and mostly mobile. Real estate professionals need to start learning the “language” of each of these social platforms and how to be the most effective at delivering quality content on them.


What advantages does Snapchat offer Realtors that other media, including social media, doesn’t?


Again, it’s attention. It’s a huge advantage to actually keep the attention of our followers. In addition though, Snapchat is still a baby compared to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Snapchat is just starting to get the attention it deserves but it is still nowhere near being mainstream, like Facebook. For all Realtors that establish their presence on Snapchat now, they’ll have a unique first-mover advantage once everyone else jumps on Snapchat. There’s always a HUGE advantage in being ahead of the curve, versus being behind it.


How do you, specifically, use Snapchat in your work?
I use Snapchat in two different, yet equally important ways. The first is content creation. It’s a great way to show off listings in a unique, up close and personal way. I also like to string together a bunch of educational Snap videos into one big long Story. It’s a great way for me to educate people on, for example, what a home warranty is for. Or some tips for people house hunting online, or whatever. If that content is too good to let expire, I’ll save it to my phone to use later on. We just need to be sure that what we are sharing is truly interesting, entertaining, or otherwise valuable to the viewer. Second, Snapchat is perfect for letting our potential clients get to know us. Snapchat makes it easy to be

authentic. Authenticity is a big part of why others make a connection with us. It’s 2016; no one wants to business with the “used car salesman” anymore. The days of proper, polished, overly professional, suit and tie wearing Realtors is coming to an end. Just be yourself on Snapchat; as long as you’re a good person, you will resonate with people and they’ll be attracted to you and the services you offer.


What are some of the challenges presented by Snapchat for professional use? (Note: I’m thinking specifically of its original, early stereotype as a teenage sexting app.)

Honestly, I don’t see it as a challenge that Snapchat used to be the sexting app for teens. I don’t think it matters at all. Remember when Facebook was “only” for posting pics of our food, checking in at gas stations, and for “poking” people? It evolved and matured. Snapchat is growing, improving, and maturing too. It’s obvious that society is finally realizing that Snapchat has huge value. Do you think that The White House, the Wall Street Journal, ESPN, and many other MAJOR brands would be wasting their time and money on Snapchat if they didn’t believe it has huge upside?

The biggest challenge is just learning how to use it. So many people expect that it works just like all the other social networks. When they realize it’s a completely different animal, they choose to throw their hands up in frustration rather than just devoting 30 minutes to watching YouTube videos on “How to Use Snapchat” and playing around with it. It takes time to learn anything new. Be patient and make an effort to learn it. You really want to pay attention to the Stories and how those work. Heck, follow me on Snapchat and watch how I’m using it. You’ll get some ideas of what you can do too. You have my full permission to steal my Snapchat content. Seriously, if you see me doing something you like, do it yourself for your followers. Snapchat username: dustinbrohm

What’s next? Is there another app on the horizon that could be game-changing?

I keep hearing about Peach but I have been so focused on Snapchat that I haven’t checked that one out yet. Beme is interesting as well. But the next big game changer probably hasn’t been created yet, or it’s still in the building stage. One thing we know for sure… there will be another game changer, and another one after that. We truly live in exciting times.

About Dustin

Dustin Brohm is a top  Salt Lake City Realtor, entrepreneur, blogger, smart home expert, and founder of SearchSaltLake.com, a website & blog serving and educating home buyers and sellers in  Salt Lake City, Utah. Dustin loves the latest technology, and has become an expert on using that technology to have the most effective real estate marketing possible. Dustin is an avid traveler, who also loves sports and being in the mountains. But above all that, he enjoys spending time with his family and being a Dad to his little boy. His team specializes in  Cottonwood Heights Homes For Sale and selling homes throughout Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas of Holladay, Millcreek and Olympus Cove, and Sandy.