Article: Good Agent Bad Agent

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“Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?” Glinda asks Dorothy up her arrival in Oz.
In your journey over the rainbow as a real estate agent, you may often ask yourself a variation on this question: “Are a good agent, or a bad agent?” The proof is often in the pudding, in the form of closings and commissions, but in the day-to-day grind of phone calls, negotiations and paperwork it’s easy to question your own quality — no crunched witches or ruby slippers required.

But, like a merry band of Munchkins, zBuyer is here to help! There is no shortage of advice out there for agents looking to develop qualities that will lead to success.
Real Estate Insider Mag offers a list of 10 general traits that is surprisingly fresh. Of course you need top-shelf knowledge of your area and organizational skills. But do you have style?
From the article:
Sellers have worked hard to prepare their homes for showing. They want, and need, a realtor that puts their best foot forward. An agent with flair exudes confidence and makes prospective buyers feel at ease. This way, prospective buyers get the impression that his agent would not even list a home that was not an excellent buy.
The article — which we would suggest posting in your office or sending to co-workers — also urges agents to walk the line between aggressiveness and politeness. Those who can master that balance will make their clients feel simultaneously energized and comforted.
If you’re signed up for Inman’s premium content (only an e-mail address is required) they have an interesting look at a study that identified top personality traits of successful agents. Unsurprisingly, decisiveness and extroversion were common. This has some interesting statistics and a link to a longer article that explores even deeper.
So that’s the good… what about the bad? What traits could be sending a signal to your clients that you’re just not cut out for their business? Max Real Estate Exposure has an article aimed at buyers and sellers — that ha some unsurprising advice. If an agent is indecisive OR too pushy, disorganized or behind the times with an online presence, they’re likely not going to have a good experience.
Further: Don’t be desperate.
Some agents are so desperate to get work that they will do or say anything to keep a client or to make a deal. If you hired the agent and he or she told you your house was worth 20% more than any other Realtor did, or he or she concedes to all of your demands when you are negotiating the agent’s rates, it may be a sign of desperation. The last thing you want is a desperate agent.
The upshot of all this: You likely already know whether you’re a good agent or a bad agent. Now, go show your clients that there’s no place like home (one you helped them buy).