Article: Funny Side of Real Estate

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It’s the time again: The summer selling season is in full swing, most agents are probably overdue for a vacation (or need a second one already), and inevitably a key client or partner is out of the office for the next two weeks. We get it.

To add some levity, here are some of the funniest and most eye-opening real estate stories we could find online. We’ll get back to the fact-sharing next week.

Headline: Son steals mom’s lockbox key to steal appliances

He said he stole his mom’s electronic key, used them to access the houses and took the appliances with his friend Schuler. He said he sold the electronics at a pawn shop in Broward County ¬†for $50, according to the arrest report.

Lesson: Keep your eye on your keys. And your kids.

Headline: Ellen finds the funniest real estate listings

If one of these is yours, we’re sorry…we guess. it’s all in good fun, though. And if it’s working for you, keep doing it!

Lesson: Ellen is funny. Be like Ellen.

Headline: 12 absolutely hilarious real estate signs/ads

You’ve probably seen a thousand e-mails like this, so we apologize if these are repeats. Still… “How to buy a $450,000 house for only $750,000” is either awesomely honest or awesomely bad editing.

Lesson: You should probably let the pros handle the sign.

Headline: Top six real estate movies

You could argue that these aren’t necessarily real estate movies, more sales movies, but that would be splitting hairs. Short of the “Amityville” experience of listing a severely haunted house, we suspect some of these situations will ring a bell for you. Also, no open-house scene from American Beauty? It’s sad, but classic.

Lesson: Coffee is for closers.

Headline: Grandma’s adorable real estate photos go viral

This isn’t so much funny as cute, but this little garden gnome of a grandmother got some TV news attention when she crashed each and every one of her online-listing photos. Your level of amusement here will depend nearly entirely on your opinion of cute grandmas.

Lesson: Your grandma in your ad >>> Your kid in your ad

Headline: A funny thing happened on the way to the open house

One couple recounts a trio of agent horror stories. We find it perhaps a LITTLE hard to believe all three of these situations happened in rapid succession, but we suppose if you see enough houses, a handful of them are going to be nightmares. Bonus points for crashing the caviar party in story number 3.

Lesson: Open house can mean many things. Also, drive safely.