Article: 5 Must Subscribe Real Estate Podcast

zbuyer-newsletter_152_headerimageThe only professionals who spend more time driving a car than real estate agents are truck and bus drivers – and if you don’t believe us, track your mileage and ask your friends (unless your friends are truck drivers). Add in personal errands, kids’ events and practices and travel, and you’re looking at the potential of 20 hours or more a week behind the wheel. That’s a part-time job.

Fortunately, with Bluetooth now ubiquitous and voice-to-message apps improving, it’s easier than ever to work while you drive. But have you thought instead about putting your phone on silent and using car hours for some professional development – in podcast form?

Okay, so you won’t get CE credits for listening to a podcast, but you are going to enjoy it more than the average seminar. We suggest you try it, maybe one afternoon a week as you scuttle from appointment to appointment, and see how it works.

To help you fill up your podcast queue, here are five podcasts, all with a real estate focus (or recorded by real estate professionals), that came suggested by iTunes users, Zbuyer staff and our followers on social media.

Happy Listing!

podcast-1-_-motivated-seller-blueprintMotivated Seller Blueprint LINK

Hosted by Jim Krautkremer, a noted real estate investor and brokerage owner, the handful of episodes currently on iTunes focus less on the mechanics of real estate and more on the agent him or herself. The episode titled “Your Rear View Mirror is Lying to You” is a very personal look at the past, and how holding on to painful experiences can limit us as professionals and as humans.

These episodes are refreshingly short, averaging about 12 minutes or so. They’re perfect bite size nuggets for a single trip across down or that morning commute/coffee stop.

Krautkremer’s style is raw, off-the-cuff and decidedly not something for the kids – if you don’t want to hear someone say BS multiple times, Krautkremer is not for you. But what he is refreshing – while he may, professionally have attained guru status, he doesn’t at any point come across as pretentious (the best ones never do). We look forward to him recording more episodes.

podcast-2-_-super-agents-liveSelling Real Estate LINK

This investment-focused podcast, hosted by Toby Salgado, drops more or less weekly and is heavy on interviews with top real estate agents from around the country. These are, generally, a little bit of a deeper dive, not only into the back story of top agents but into the factors and practices that lead to successful real estate investment. And while it may not be specifically agent-focused, any information you can gather on the industry’s best minds is worth a listen.

Salgado’s style is slicker than Krautkremer’s, but is still friendly, and the audio quality of this particular podcast is the best of this bunch. Be sure to check out “Marketing Yourself Like a Celebrity,” recorded in late August, which features some really great information from a rock-start of the industry.


Bigger Pockets Podcast LINK

Another podcast aimed at real estate investors (for which it certainly helps to be an agent), this one is a two-man show that features a good deal more banter and conversation between Joshua and Brandon (one recent episode mentions one of the duo’s family trip to Universal, if that’s of interest to you). It’s one of the top-rated and most-listened-to podcasts out there, boasting 90,000 average listeners. It’s also available on YouTube, Soundcloud and Google.

Play, among other platforms, if iTunes isn’t your favorite way to consume media.

The nice thing about this is the breadth of topics – real estate is the jumping off point, but if you’re into personal finance and real-life anecdotes from guys who know the business, it’s probably a pretty good choice.


Real Estate Coaching Radio LINK

You might have noticed this list is lacking ladies. No more.

Real-life husband and wife team Tim and Julie Harris host this “coaching” show. Like Krautkremer, the M.O. here is self-improvement, though this podcast sticks more to the business side of success. Episode titles like “60 Days to Greatness” and “20 Success Secrets the World Won’t Tell You” make these episodes (which over around the 30-minute mark) full of bite-size takeaways. Many of episodes are focused around a single scenario that you probably face every week – scoring a price reduction or successfully following up on leads, for example.

On the aesthetic side, the obvious comfort level between Tim and Julie, as well as their careers as agents and history as home owners, lends credibility to their tips. It’s never over the top, but it’s a must listen if you’re looking for tactical takeaways in a 30-minute time frame.


The Onion Juice LINK

You knew something off-the -wall was bound to show up in this list, and here it is. Neil Mathweg hosts this show, which seeks to transcend the podcast label and actually become a movement to “wake up and redefine the real estate industry.”

Does it succeed? Maybe so. The topics change week-to-week, which is refreshing, shifting from time management tips to self-awareness to marketing to listing tips to maximize your advertising investment. Best of all, as you might expect, Mathweg does it with some flair, keeping the energy high and the jokes more or less zippy. This is a brand worth checking out, not only on YouTube but on Facebook as well.