Article: Fall Tips for Selling Your Home


For hardworking real estate agents like you, Labor Day is a prime chance to ask yourself whether the glass is half full or half empty.

On one hand, the summer selling season is over. With the new school year, football season and pumpkin spice lattes arrived, and the holidays just around the corner, sellers and buyers may lose motivation to stay in the market. Busy social calendars and outdoor activities make showings and open houses a little less common.

On the other hand, in many parts of the country, there is no more beautiful time of year, which means ample opportunities to maximize your listings’ curb appeal. Many sellers may be MORE motivated after a summer on the market, perhaps becoming more willing to negotiate or lower their price. At the very least, a bit of slowdown means you can devote a little more quality time to the listings you keep.

Call us starry eyed, but we’re glass-half-full sorts here at Zbuyer. We think fall is a perfect time to sell your listing – and here are five ways to make it happen by Halloween.

1.Clean Up

More than any other season, fall requires some good, old-fashioned elbow grease (which require some prodding and nudging of your clients). Gutters should be cleaned out. Yards should be raked. Outdoor features like patios, outdoor kitchens and pools should be cleaned (if they’re still open). The temperature of the house should find a balance between the warmish autumn days and the cool autumn nights.

Obviously this step varies depending on what part of the country you’re listing is in; October in Massachusetts is much different than October in Arizona.


2.Warm Up

Autumn is a great chance to switch up your listing’s color palette – the teals and yellows of summer can give way to the richer hues of fall, particularly in the aforementioned part of the country where the leaves change to match. Fall decorating can range from the simple – an autumnal wreath or mums on the porch in more stately neighborhoods – to the precious – perhaps a cute scarecrow with hay bales if your target buyers are families.

But don’t pigeonhole yourself into micro: If your listing is in need of a large-scale change (to go with a new batch of photos with the online listing) consider talking to your clients about repainting the house to warm up the look. Grays and slates can really pop behind a curtain of bright fall foliage.


3.Prepare for Winter

Just because you’re not using your fireplace or woodstove just yet doesn’t mean potential buyers aren’t thinking about using them when the weather turns cold for good. Be sure to clean your chimneys, sweep out fireplaces, and have woodstoves and other heating devices inspected to ensure proper working order.

Outside, be sure your roofs, gutters and sidewalks are clear and ready for winter weather. Have trees trimmed to ensure any ice snow do minimal damage to limbs (and hence your house). Re-seal windows and glass doors. Then make sure potential buyers know you’ve done all of that.


4.Get Real

If September becomes October, it may be time to have a heart-to-heart with your clients. Do they really need to move now? Is extending the time-on-market figure worth it? If the answer to either of those questions is “yes” then it may be time to lower their price or explore financial options that would make a move possible, particularly if there is interest or offers in the property that are falling just short of a contract.


5.Prepare for Buyers

If your clients follow the advice above and price their home accordingly, a fall sale could happen pretty quickly (because you’re an awesome agent). You could do them a huge favor by helping them be prepared to move quickly. Moving during fall could be ideal (not too hot!) or pretty darn rough (rain, rain, go away). You’ll want your clients ready with boxes, a moving plan and – naturally – a place to move into.

Which, as their rockstar agent, we know you’ll be more than happy to help find.