Article: Agent Fashion


There comes a point in all of our lives when we stop caring too awfully much about our appearance. A trip to the park with our kids is a good example of one of those times. A casual date with our significant other might be another.

But when you’re working with clients, who have entrusted you with the sale and/or purchase of a new home — and hence their financial well being? Well, that’s not one of those times.

To help, we’ve put in some time online to find looks that could and should work for you, whether you’re on a laid-back showing with that couple who wants a vacation property, or a million dollar condo closing. Obviously these are suggestions — you should be comfortable with your style and add personal flair when appropriate. But you can’t go wrong starting here, and they should be available to you no matter where you live.

For the Men:

We’re big fans of blue and we’re big fans of pinstripes. Add them together and, well, we’re a big fan of this look. (via Banana Republic)


We were going to pick just one of these suits, but why bother? They’re all great and look equally good over a button-up and tie or a T-shirt, depending on the occasion. (via Express)


Okay, okay. If we had to pick one it would probably be this one.

Look at this Oxford. We love Oxfords. Your clients will love Oxfords.


You could also reverse the brown and black for an equally classy look.


GQ (who else?) had some fun with this slideshow. You (and your girlfriend) will want to click through all of these, but here are a few of our highlights:
This corduroy jacket: (here)
This gray cardigan:  (here)
These Crockett Jones boots:  (here)
This whole damn look: (here) (Seriously, denim over suit pants over desert boots. We wanna look like him.)
This cashmere crewneck: (here)
This slick briefcase: (here)
These khakis that wouldn’t make us feel like a 12-year-old headed to church: (here)
This watch (duh): (here)
Okay, okay, maybe THIS watch unless we really sold that $1 million condo: (here)
What are your signature looks?
For the Ladies:
A Perfect pencil skirt, of course (Michael Kors via Elle)
This double-breasted blazer over whatever you feel appropriate. Start with black, grow from there – and the price is riiiiiight. (Mango via Elle):
A sleek day-to-night dress (print to suit your mood). Because you don’t always have time to change between closings, drinks and dinner. (via Macy’s)
Another roundup, this time for the ladies via Vogue:
This jacket and skirt. (And that belt!): (here)
This Entire outfit: (here)
This dress, with light jacket and heels: (here)
We are in love with these tasseled loafers: (here)
We’re are double in love with these chromed-out green slingbacks: (here)
This look was made for city sidewalk and turning heads: (here)
A little Louis to lighten the mood: (here)
You don’t always have to wear earrings, but when you do you have to wear these: (here)