Article: Winter Months for Agents


5 ways to take advantage of the slower winter months
Winter is coming. And even if many of us are experiencing a run of winters with than less snow than usual, the holidays and the start of a new calendar year typically do bring with them a dip in business. That’s okay. There are a lot of things you can do to drum up some business during the slow season. There are important tasks you can complete that you typically don’t have time to focus on during the spring, summer and fall. And, at the very least, it’s probably a chance to recharge your own batteries with a vacation or cutting back on hours.

In the perfect scenario, taking advantage of this time will put you in a position to hit the ground running come spring, and make all of your 2017 dreams come true.
1. Develop a new marketing plan and execute it.
It’s completely understandable when marketing takes a back seat to showings and closings in the busy season, but the winter season is a great time to start thinking about your brand and cultivating it for the upcoming rush. This process can include everything from redesigning or building your website, to growing your social media presence and perfecting its voice, to developing an archive of articles and content to share online in future months, when you’re just too busy to write them. Join a Rotary or Kiwanis club. Get those new headshots taken – or retaken. Now is the time to do those things you are too busy for in the summer.
2. Educate yourself
A conference or seminar is a great way to incorporate some professional development with networking and blowing off a little bit of steam. Placester is a good place to start, with a list of top real estate conferences.
If travel isn’t an option, there are plenty of online webinars and courses at local community colleges to look into (we recommend a marketing or public speaking course). At the very least, you should have some office time to catch up on the hundreds of podcasts you surely have downloaded, right?
3. Close deals!
Just because it’s down doesn’t mean the market stops during the winter months. Extremely motivated sellers AND buyers will still be in the market at this time of year, and could even be looking for a new agent. Don’t shy away from tough situations – the extra time on your schedule might just allow you to be the answer to someone’s holiday prayers , and supply a shot of income and positive buzz you weren’t counting on in October.
4. Give back
Maybe 2016 was a banner year for you. We hope it was! Now would be a good time to spread a little goodwill in the community and, in return, generate a little bit for yourself. Sponsor a happy hour for clients and leads and ask them to bring a toy or gift for a child or shut-in senior, or cash for a favorite cause. Spend some time volunteering. Teach a class at a local community college or speak to classes of young business students or entrepreneurs about the real estate industry. These are worthwhile ways to spend your time that, if done right, can only accentuate your brand. Plus, it feels really good.
5. Take some time for yourself
There’s a reason that the stereotypical image of real estate agent is the harried, tired, well-dress professional throwing back a protein shake and Diet Coke in his or her car on the way between appointments. The winter is a perfect time to take some time for yourself and reconnect with your family. Plan a vacation. Get weekly massages. Get in a yoga habit. Find a hobby, like writing or running or swimming, that satisfies you outside of work. You, your loved ones and – in the end – your boss will thank you for it, and you can hit the ground running come February and March.

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