Article: Investment Strategies

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Five Investment Strategies for 2017

As the 2017 selling season begins in earnest, we hope you are flooded with families and first-time buyers and empty-nesters looking to downsize and sell their lovely, well-cared for homes.

But that doesn’t mean you should take your eye off the ball of investments. Many of those homes – particularly the older ones being downsized – could be had for a bargain and sold months or years from now for a nice profit, assuming the market remains solid.

We’re not your hometown flipping experts (there are whole cable TV networks dedicated to that), but we do want to share a thing or two about property investing, especially if you’re ready to make your move in 2017.

Article: Mentorship Advice

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Who Wants to be a Real Estate Mentor?

There are lots of ways to leave a lasting mark as a real estate agent. Obviously, making a professional name for yourself – both by reputation or, often, with your name on your own realty company or group of associated employees – should be the goal of any serious real estate agent.

Article: Q+A with Tim and Julie Harris

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Tim and Julie Harris: a Q&A

Every so often in this space we feature interviews with experts in the real estate industry. Sometimes these are coaches, sometimes these are published experts, sometimes these are innovators, sometimes these are agents with a proven record of success.

We’re proud to say that Tim and Julie Harris are all of these things, and then some.

Article: Best of 3 Sentence Sell

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Since last fall, we’ve been (more Fridays than not) asking our Facebook followers to have a little fun with us with a series called the “3 Sentence Sell.”

The concept is simple: We post a photo of a home of, um … questionable? … design or upkeep and ask our savvy community of nearly 6,000 real estate agents to pitch that property in three sentences or less. The results are fun and, often, hilarious.

Below are a bunch of responses, which we very much enjoyed reading as they came in. Answers that that particularly made us laugh – or, better yet, actually take a second look at the property – are bolded.

Thank you for participating! Look for the return of the 3 Sentence Sell next Friday! In the meantime, follow us on Facebook at if you don’t already.

Article: Books and TV Shows for Agents

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Zbuyer’s Viewing-Reading Guide for Real Estate Professionals
With the proliferation of on-demand TV, hundreds of channels available even on basic cable plans and an e-reader, Audible and Amazon Prime available on every nightstand (and in every car), we’ve never before had so many options for entertainment.
But for the self-improving real estate agent, it can’t be all The Walking Dead all the time, can it? Sometimes we need the things our brains consume to improve us professionally (which is why you’re reading this now, right? … Right?).
But where to start?


Article: Time Capsule Homes

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A Page from the Past: Time Capsule homes are all the rage

Nostalgia is a powerful force. How else to explain America’s continued fascination with the 1950s, or the Camelot days of the Kennedy White House, or pretty much everything having to do with Christmas? In pop culture it can be even more powerful and profitable. While we wallowed in the misadventures of Don Draper ( whose most famous pitch was, in fact, about nostalgia), wasn’t it the aesthetic of 1960s New York that drew us to Mad Men? And sure, Stranger Things was great, but it wasn’t the writing or acting that drew us in – it was the faithful recreation of the 1980s entertainments that we loved so much.

Article: Awesome Agent Etiquette

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Perhaps moreso than other professions, there’s an etiquette that responsible real estate agents should follow to guide day-to-day interactions. And we’re not talking about the overwrought decorum of politics (thank god). This is an efficiency and courtesy in communication that makes the hectic world of paperwork and appointments easier to navigate and, in the end, saves everyone time and makes everyone money.

But we all know them – those fellow agents who just don’t get it. It’s not necessarily that they’re bad people, it’s just that dealing with them can become unpleasant, they simply annoy the heck out of us or – the cardinal sin – make our jobs more difficult. And if you don’t KNOW an agent who makes your job more difficult, you might take a look at your own habits – it could be you.

To help, we collected a few etiquette tips from the experts who make a living just like you. Because you’re smart, we’ll forego the appearance conversation – you know how to dress, right? You should also know the ins and out of being polite to homeowners when you’re conducting a showing or open house.

But there are other areas of the business where etiquette may not cross your mind.