Article: Selling Small with Big Results

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Get Big Results when you’re Selling Small

There’s a perception among many who work in or casually follow the real estate industry that bigger is always better.

It stands to reason: more square footage equals more space and a bigger home. Naturally you’re going to pay more for 10 pounds of something than you will for five pounds. But once you factor in the more complicated variables of real estate – condition of the property, age of the home, and most importantly location, location, location – square footage becomes much less of an absolute.

Talk to any agent in the Bay Area, or someone who deals in Manhattan or Brooklyn, and they’re just as likely to jump on a small space as a big one. And plenty of agents in less populated places make a good living selling smaller, more affordable homes in volume rather than seeking that single white whale to make their month or year.

So, how does a modern agent -sensitive to clients’ assumptions that bigger is better – sell a small house, or a house with a smaller-than-average room, like a kitchen or master bedroom? Here are a few pieces of advice.

Article: New Years Resolutions for Real Estate Agents


The ball has dropped on 2017 and with it all excuses for sandbagging our preparation for the upcoming sales year.
Following the prodigious spending, eating, drinking and socializing of November and December, January also is a popular time for self-assessment. Diets and routine normalization are common, and even if those improvements don’t get a whiff of February, it’s never a bad exercise to take stock of how we spend our time and how we go about our business.
For agents, it’s doubly good. Many of us are in a weather-induced “down season,” and, as we’ve mentioned in this space before, the winter months are a good time to complete some tasks that simply don’t get done when you’re racing from one listing or showing to another.
With these concepts in mind, we present some New Year’s resolutions for our friends in the real estate business. Some of these are more tongue in cheek than others, but by now you should expect that from us. We here at Zbuyer wish you all prosperity and many happy closings in 2017!


Article: The Cost of a REAL Gingerbread House


How Much Would it Cost to Build a Life-Size Gingerbread House?


Building a home is hard work. The weather is usually hot, the materials heavy, and the deadlines (usually) strict. There is red tape, contractors and roadblocks to work through. Worst of all: If you get hungry, you can’t just dip your hand into a trough of mixed concrete and eat it. It’s just not done!