Article: Q+A with Tim and Julie Harris

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Tim and Julie Harris: a Q&A

Every so often in this space we feature interviews with experts in the real estate industry. Sometimes these are coaches, sometimes these are published experts, sometimes these are innovators, sometimes these are agents with a proven record of success.

We’re proud to say that Tim and Julie Harris are all of these things, and then some.

Ever since the husband-and-wife team sold more than 100 homes (and $10 million in property) during their first year as a team, they have been in the vanguard of not only real estate performance, but also real estate thinking. They are now full time real estate coaches, owners of Tim & Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching, and will publish a new book, Harris Rules, this year. Good news: their overarching philosophy isn’t difficult to grasp, but it takes a dedicated agent to implement successfully. Because, in the end, it comes down to hard work and doing the little, but often difficult, things constantly in order to reach your goals.

Tim and Julie recently shared a bit of their expertise for the benefit of Zbuyer’s readership and subscribing agents. We thank them for their time, and encourage you to check out for more about their coaching services, real estate philosophy, podcasts, books and more.

Q: What led to your decision to not only become Realtors, but to work together as a team?  

A: Julie and I have been together since we were in high school and started our entrepreneurial ventures together with a car detailing business, so we already had the desire to be business owners. Then, while still in college, we began investing in real estate properties. Selling real estate together and realizing the unlimited potential was the natural next step.

Q: You sold more than 100 homes in your first year as a team — to what do you owe your success?

A: A few factors probably played into that. First, we had a bunch of student debt to take care of! We also had an incredible broker at our ReMax office, and when he saw our initial successes he didn’t act surprised and just said, “Why don’t you see if you can hit a 100 deals?” and we said OK! And finally, growing up in Ohio with families who were truly working class people, we were raised to work for things — nothing was handed to us and we had the desire to move ahead, beyond what anyone was ever expecting from us.

Q: As a husband-wife team, how do you effectively balance your professional and personal lives?
A: Honestly, we’re not big proponents of a “balanced” life, in the sense that we recognize that one area of life is always taking precedence over another. In different seasons, work may be more important and then in another its family or health or spirituality. But to strive for balance among all areas of life at all times is simply unrealistic. Thinking you can live that way only brings frustration.

Q: What was the biggest change for you in making the switch from full time agents to real estate coaches?

A: Coaching full time, at scale, is considerably more work than being a successful agent. There really is no comparison. The transition happened slowly and almost by accident. We were selling real estate at a high level and we had a high profile in the Howard Brinton community (we were Howard Stars). When coaching started to become “‘the thing” in the late ’90s, agents kept asking us to coach them! Eventually we said yes, and that was 20 years ago….

Q: What has been the most satisfying part of being real estate coaches?

A: Helping agents implement the systems it took us years of trial and error to figure out and watching them succeed at a level far beyond their peers; to see them realize what an elegant and easy business this is and how blessed they are to be part of it. Knowing that we are making a real difference in people.s lives.. .that is our calling.

Q: What are your predictions for the industry in 2017 and 2018?

A: The nature of how agents generate leads has been and will continue to shift.

Next, the nature of how agents view teams is going to shift. The focus is going to be on the ONE thing agents rarely talk about — profit! So many brokers and agents are running non-profit real estate practices.

Everything that is old is new again. For example, the last 10 years has seen a trend toward social networking. That trend is rounding the bend. Proof? the number one book on Amazon is Fanatic Prospecting by my friend Jeb Blount. Listen to this podcast interview I did with him .

Q: Tell us a little bit about your new book.
A: We’re excited to release our newest book Harris Rules this year. We wrote this book because we recognized the frustration that real estate professionals feel. In this day of easy-button, do-it-for-you, stress-melting business solutions being offered up as the must-buy solution to the feast and famine phenomenon that seems natural in the sales world, we offer a practical, tactical strategy.

Q: What is a quote you live by?
A: “Do what you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do it, at the highest level.” Its one of the founding principles of our coaching company and what we believe is the only way to achieve lasting success in any area of life.

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