Article: The Best of “What Would You Do?”

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Over the past several weeks, we’ve asked our agent followers to put on their thinking caps and come up with solutions to scenarios that, while we hope you would never have to face them, could pose a real conundrum during a showing or open house.

Of course you came through with some clever and constructive answers, and we wanted to share those this week. Consider it our Cinco de Mayo gift to you: Because if you DID have a clawfoot tub crash through the ceiling during an open house, a cerveza is probably just exactly what you’d need.

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Question: You’re about to end an open house and have a dinner meeting with potential clients in less than an hour. You go to open the (mechanical) driveway gate and it will not open, leaving you stuck with the clock counting down. What do you do?

Answer: I would call the potential clients and explain about the gate, then call home owner of open house about gate or ask nearby residents of what to do.
Byron Hendrick —

Question: Pulling up to an open house you are hosting in 20 minutes, you notice that the neighbors’ house and part of the property you’re trying to sell is blocked off by police tape and there are police cars blocking the road. What do you do?

Answer: The first thing I would do is try to assess how volatile the situation is at that moment before getting out of the car. If it doesn’t seem dangerous I would call the sellers to see if they know what is going on. From there I would try to find out what is happening and decide a course of action. Most likely I would call my office and let them know that the open house is canceled for the day. Depending on the property I might try to make a sign to say that the open house is canceled so people don’t bother going down the street. If there is a problem like that then it will not go away in an hour. – Kobba James

Answer: I would run back to the office and print off Hero Home Source info that shows we give rebates to first responders! – John Rainville

Question: You’re on your way to show a house to a couple. You were told by the owners that it’s spotless and good to go. All is well until you open the door, the inside is trashed, like a herd of animals ran through the home. The couple is almost there. What do you do?

Answer: I would call the owners and find out what happened and then relay that information to the buyer and ask if they would still like to see it. – Lyn M. Robinson

Question: You’re in the middle of an open house and there are a lot of high-dollar clients present. Everything is going great until the clawfoot tub from upstairs crashes through the ceiling and onto the floor. No one is hurt. But what do you do?

Answer: What could you do but laugh after I made sure nobody was injured. Then.say: “Your choice of a 1st floor or 2nd floor bath.” Seriously, I would notify sellers to see what is covered in insurance etc., make sure water/electric off so no further damage. “Property may qualify for home renovation loan.” – Sheila Christian