zBuyer’s Member of the Month 6/30/17: Norman Seymore

Norman Seymore

Zbuyer loves its members. They are the lifeblood of what we do, and not just we need you to make our own business work. The agent community we hope to cultivate, inform and help succeed is one of the largest professional groups in the nation, and your hard work and expertise inspire us to be better — for you — each and every day.

So, to celebrate you, we’ve decided to periodically feature a profile of one of you, our valued customers. If you’ve met one real estate agent you’ve met… one real estate agent. We hope to share just a bit of the of the wisdom, personality and experience that we find so inspiring with the rest of our agent network. Meet Norman Seymore.

Name: Norman Seymore

Age: 49

Hometown: Houston, Texas

About Norman: I am a simple family man. I really love taking care of my family. I have a daughter who will finish this year from college with honors. My wife and I love to travel as well.

Job title: CEO, Realty Pro Source

Association: Houston Association of Realtors

Years in the real estate business: 13

Neighborhood/City/Region of focus: Manvel, Texas, on the outskirts of Houston.

Professional certificates or credentials (Realtor, etc.): “Hard work.”

What do you consider the biggest challenge in the real estate business right now?
“Communication, would be my guess. The general public has a hard time trying to find the right Realtor for the job. Think of it this way: Everyone knows the needle in the haystack joke. Imagine if the needle (who would be the potential client) had to choose one straw of hay (which would be the overwhelming amount of Realtors along with all the complexities of a real estate transaction) from a complete pile of hay. Yes, cream rises to the top. BUT, it’s a challenge nonetheless.”

How, in your opinion, is your current local market condition?
“I think we have a very good market simply because the economy is ever-changing. I have been in the industry long enough to know how to get my work done. That said, I feel pretty good about how it is going.”
In what ways do you utilize the leads you receive from Zbuyer.com?
“First my confidence in the fact that I can do the job. I now know that the only thing that can hold me back is ME! I have spoken with so many different people during my tenure with Zbuyer (I am grateful for you all!) which have in turn allowed me to afford the life I want and need for me and my family. Simplicity has been my best tool, and Zbuyer has been my guide.

How do the leads you receive from Zbuyer.com differ from other leads?
I will give you the short version: Price, amount of leads, lead content, and most of all quality! My company is built on one rule: EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE. It is my opinion that Zbuyer works on that same concept.

Please share some recent success you’ve experienced:
“One of my favorites would have to be the 3.5 million dollar land deal that was done based on a referral from client from Zbuyer. I sold her home before it could be foreclosed on. She was then able to buy a smaller home with the proceeds and save her credit. A week after closing she called me with her father on the phone with the land deal. We closed that deal shortly thereafter.”

Have you had any comedic encounters while showing a home or interacting with a client?
“I have a list. One of my most memorable would have to be me going to a listing appointment with the listing agreement in hand (thinking positively, of course) and my client is on his way to the airport to leave the country. He signs the paperwork, says to cut his grass, says ‘good luck’ and drives off in an Uber! This was done in about 5 minutes.”

What is one productivity tool that you can’t live without?
“I use Zbuyer to find and contact my leads. I use RPR for all the info I need on any address before I even call. I have my website so my leads can connect with me and see my work. I never leave without my iPad and iPhone. As I said earlier, the market is ever-changing and real estate is the same. You have to stay ready. Also, if any other Realtors are reading this, know this: a lead is just a lead. If you have the name, property address, phone, email, and situational details of the deal, that is all you need. You have to be able to communicate with that person from that point to close the deal.”

If you could sell real estate in any place in the world, where would you choose and why?
“I would stay right here in Houston. If you can’t sell here, then you probably won’t make it anywhere else. The Houston market is great and we have about 300 people moving here each month.”

Sell us your best current listing in three sentences or less: GO!
“7 1/2 acres of land on the water, with deer, fish and a boat dock. It has a house with a wrap-around porch. Asking 350k; 281-995-6459 Norman Seymore!”

When I’m not working or with my family, I can be found… where?
“In bed asleep, my family is pretty big!”

What words do you live and work by?

If I was to tell someone something about Zbuyer.com, I would say…
“While I was in basic training in the Army, my drill sgt had a saying: KISS. Which means KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID. I don’t mean to call anyone stupid but I think you get the idea.”