zBuyer’s Member Profile 8/4/17: Jason Morris

Jason Morris

Zbuyer loves its members. They are the lifeblood of what we do, and not just we need you to make our own business work. The agent community we hope to cultivate, inform and help succeed is one of the largest professional groups in the nation, and your hard work and expertise inspire us to be better — for you — each and every day.

So, to celebrate you, we’ve decided to periodically feature a profile of one of you, our valued customers. If you’ve met one real estate agent you’ve met… one real estate agent. We hope to share just a bit of the of the wisdom, personality and experience that we find so inspiring with the rest of our agent network. Meet Jason Morris.

Name: Jason Morris

Age: 36

Hometown: Alcolu, South Carolina

About Norman: Laura and I live in Pawleys Island, SC. We just had a little girl named Parker Claire and we have a dog named Copper

Association: eXp Realty

Years in the real estate business: 13

Neighborhood/City/Region of focus: Myrtle Beach Area

Professional certificates or credentials (Realtor, etc.): Realtor

What do you consider the biggest challenge in the real estate business right now?
“Finding the time to be a brand new dad and prospect a consistent schedule”

How, in your opinion, is your current local market condition?
“I think the market is fantastic. It is a little more beneficial for sellers right now. There really isn’t ever a bad market though, there are changes in the market that lead us to having to make changes in our business.”

In what ways do you utilize the leads you receive from Zbuyer.com?
“I love zbuyer. I use it to fuel my listing business.”

How do the leads you receive from Zbuyer.com differ from other leads?
“Leads from zbuyer are typically more motivated. These are people Seeking out a buyer themselves online.”

Please share some recent success you’ve experienced:
“I have listed zbuyer leads that were some of the oldest ones in my market. The think I have learned is to never stop following up with them. Sometimes just because they came through the website today, does not mean they need to sell today.”

Have you had any comedic encounters while showing a home or interacting with a client?
“I just had a transaction close with zbuyer where the lady called me 3 days after closing to tell me that she hadn’t told her son to move out of the house yet.”

What is one productivity tool that you can’t live without?
“It is pretty low tech, but I always carry a spiral notebook. It makes keeping up with things a lot easier.”

If you could sell real estate in any place in the world, where would you choose and why?
“I like the Myrtle Beach market. It has a lot of variety.”

When I’m not working or with my family, I can be found… where?
“We are on vacation or traveling somewhere. But you can also find me training and helping agents in my facebook group Real Estate Agents that REALLY work”

What words do you live and work by?
“We need to all work a little smarter.”

If I was to tell someone something about Zbuyer.com, I would say…
“I consistently get listings from zbuyer. Without a doubt, it is the biggest return on my marketing dollars. Just subscribe.”