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Raise your hand (we can’t see you, but we know you’re there) if you think your selling strategy could use a little freshening up? Yeah, that’s about what we thought.

By now you’ve been talked to about virtues of authenticity and social media and networking until you’re nauseated. That’s not to say these aren’t important tools – perhaps the most important – but if you’re not already working on these things, or have someone working on them for you, you’re probably not all that engaged of an agent anyway.

What we’re talking about is something innovative. Clients wanna be dazzled, man! What are some creative ideas that might be worth trying to take those sales to the next level… or to get that lingering property off the market?

Here are a few ideas from us, and some experts around the nation:

Airbnb It

From comes this nugget of brilliance: Have your sellers list their home (quietly) on airbnb or a similar site and have prospective buyers spend a night in it, perhaps even pay for the night. As the blog points out, you wouldn’t buy a $30,000 car without test driving it… why would you buy a $300,000 house without spending a night in it and maybe making breakfast?

From the article:

‘Buying a home is largely an emotional decision. What better way to tap into someone’s emotions than to let them physically experience and envision what their life would be like with them in the home before they buy it? This would also be a great way to prevent buyers from wasting your time as this will weed out anyone not seriously interested in living there.’

Of course there are logistical hurdles, not the least of which is your clients’ comfort level with the arrangement, but best case scenario is a wonderful showcase of your listing and some real buy-in from your buyers.

Alternatives to this would include simply inviting the buyers over too cook dinner one evening. Anything that showcases the home and tugs at those heart strings is a win for the listing.

This article has several other app-based marketing ideas, including possibilities involving OpenTable and MeetUp. It’s worth a read.

Hire a Graphic Designer

We don’t know what we would do without our graphic designers – those staffers who make the Zbuyer website and our various communications look good. We can’t recommend having one on your staff – or a reliable freelancer at your fingertips – at all time to help YOU look good, too.

And it goes beyond a fresh logo or attractive website: Charts and graphs and other informational tools can be instrumental in presenting information about your listings and their neighborhoods to prospective clients and making our social media presence truly remarkable.

This article of ideas from Placester is, to the letter, spot-on. LINK:

It includes:

-Taking advantage of social media memes

-Infographics that puts vital information on a specific home, neighborhood, schools, and community on a single page

-Online quizzes that can help narrow down a prospective buyer’s search (and perhaps make them laugh)

-Capitalize on video, which is king on social media.
Tickle the Senses

Of course visuals are most important to getting prospective buyers to even consider your listing – high-quality photos online lead to showings, where curb appeal, staging and cleanliness all come into play. But what about the other four senses? Those can be vital to closing the deal. Here are a few ideas.

Sound: Depending on the neighborhood, a bit of ambient noise may be unavoidable (but buyers won’t be looking at a downtown condo without expecting some traffic in the background). But you can accentuate the experience – or the quiet of a rural setting – with some low, appropriate music, especially during open houses. And sometimes, if it’s a lovely setting with lots of trees during the peak of spring, throw the windows open and let the birds sell the setting for you.

Smell: Sometimes Febreze alone won’t cut it, and we suggest avoiding those plug-in and lots of candles. While these things are effective, no one scent is going to please everyone. More often, a well-dusted home (we suggest Murphy’s Oil, Pine-Sol or another citrusy) will suffice, and we suggest strategically placed, subtle-smelling flowers to really tickle the olfactory nerves. Flowers are doubly nice because they’re pretty, and play best in a season when you can have the windows open. If you do have to use a candle find a clean, subtle scent like apple blossom or some sort of “clean linen” option.

Touch: Obviously the carpets, floors and surfaces (especially in the kitchen) will be up for inspection by all prospective buyers. Make sure they’re clean and invite prospects to give them a feel with bare feet.

Taste: You don’t have to work too hard to please potential buyers here. A candy dish with a variety of options (avoid individually wrapped candies to cut down on mess) or baked goods for a nearby bakery or coffee shop. Just remember the napkins!

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