Article: The Lighter Side of Real Estate

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Welcome to the dog days. We’re sure you’ve had a busy — and hopefully a successful — summer. Chance are there are listings you’re still working on or working to get on the market, but with the countdown to the school year already underway in most places, it’s just as likely you’re turning your attention to the Labor Day weekend or a well-earned vacation.

What better time to take a look at the lighter side of real estate? Humor, presented in the right context and for the right audience, can be an effective marketing strategy and earn some attention that you may not get otherwise. The most important thing to remember is to make it authentic.

But, since it’s Friday, and you’d probably rather not take our word for it, here are a few of the funniest real estate marketing materials we could track down on the World Wide Web. Give them a look while you price some flights — poolside, maybe.

Real estate is ripe for music video parodies:

Warren G parody, “Realtors”:

Adele, “Hello”:

Some Santa Clarita realtors played up the “Everyday I’m Hustlin’,” trope:

Here’s an orginal… “Sellin’ Homes”:

Say what you will about this guy’s sense of humor or the video production: “Everything I Touch Turns to Sold” is one heck of a marketing tagline:

Like pranks/ Leave it to the Brits to put together this compilation of agents being spooked by a “haunted” listing:

If you’re more into the Christopher Guest school of comedy, this video about a useless Realtor will tickle your funny bone:

This one is a legit commercial — and you might even recognize some of the situations (Torn skirt? Sprinkler troubles? Rottweiller?)


Because we’re nothing if not attuned to current events, here’s a really long video of some jokesters putting a “For Sale” sign outside of (what they say is) Donald Trump’s L.A-area house.

This is presented without comment: But we sure hope you’re enjoying the high-quality leads from motivated sellers you get from Zbuyer (more than this gal has been enjoying hers from some of the big names in the industry):