Article: “Fan” Caves

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It’s All in the Game (Day): Fantastic Football Fan Caves

With the arrival of fall, our home entertainment options begin to make the transition from outdoor picnics and pool parties to indoor get-togethers. And in many places around the country, that means one thing: Football.

In the era of 4K and digital surround sound and the Red Zone channel, watching football at home has become more immersive than ever before, so much so that many people would rather stay home and watch a pro game rather than go to the stadium (no shock that the San Diego paper had this article documenting just that phenomenon. College football, too, is more accessible than ever, and even in parts of the country where the NFL is an afterthought, the state university is generally appointment viewing (right, Alabama?).

Technology aside, it’s logical that this immersive experience continues on to the d├ęcor and setup of your home. Commonly called a “fan cave”, these are basements or rec rooms or living areas where game day is the main priority.

Now, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that if you’re a big enough Tennessee Volunteers fan to, say, install Smoky Orange shag carpeting in your fan cave, expense isn’t going to be much of a concern.

In that spirit, we found some of the most outrageous fan caves from around the internet. We hope it sparks some ideas for fabulous designs, purchases or do-it-yourself projects. After all, Browns fans need SOMETHING to get excited about on Sundays.

(Please pardon the widespread use of the term “man cave.” We have no control over the Internet, but we, for one, understand that women love football, too.)
Short on extra space? A garage can make one darn fine fan cave.


Favorite detail: Seating on a freaking hydraulic swivel to face either a single giant screen or a bank of several televisions.


Even in a small garage can go a long way. Remember to prioritize the bar; a small two- or four-top bistro table will be sufficient for seating.



Favorite detail: Neons for days.


Don’t overthink it: If you’ve got a couple of seldom-used chairs somewhere in the house, they can be fine seating for your fan cave, even if they’re from Pier 1.


Favorite detail: If you’re a Washington fan and don’t have a Clinton Portis FatHead, you’re doing it wrong.


Staying on the “budget” theme, The Saw Guy has a whole slew of cheap DIY options for making your fan cave unforgettable


Favorite detail: The YouTube video on how to make your own Kegerator. Close second: Foosball towel racks.


Make no mistake: Some games are going to be terrible and you may not even want to drink beer on a given Sunday (maybe). Make sure there are some other options for entertainment.



(Scroll down to the “Classic” option.)

Favorite detail: The arcade games and pinball machines are perfect for blowing off some steam when your favorite team is getting shellacked.


Want to make your fan cave an ode to a single team? Let this Giants fan show you how it’s done.


Favorite detail: Framed front pages of the Boston Globe from both Super Bowls when the Giants beat the Patriots.


Finally, just for kicks, here’s what can happen when DIY Network and NFL Network team up to build a fan cave for a lucky recipient.



Favorite detail: The retractable wall that covers the TV and valuable memorabilia when not in use. The deer head wearing a team scarf is a close second.


Need more ideas: Pinterest to the rescue (ask your lady for her login, gents).