Article: Best Game Room Ideas

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It’s All in the Game (Room)

Unused space is something of a luxury in most homes. Most of the time you buy a home that fits your family. If you’re lucky you’ll have some extra storage or a guest room or two. Otherwise, you’re probably putting every room to a practical purpose, whether it’s sleeping or cooking or solitude.

But sometimes the kids finally move out. Sometimes you get that big promotion. Sometimes you just have the good fortune to be able to use a certain space for whatever the heck you want. Crafting rooms, home theaters and stand-alone living quarters for an aging parent are popular choices for this “found space.”

But let us make a more fun suggestion: A rocking game room.

Now, “games” can be whatever you want them to be. Maybe you install a rack of powerful servers and a 60-inch 4K to play the latest Madden or Call of Duty. Perhaps you blow that holiday bonus on a billiards table, dart board and poker table. Maybe you go retro with stand-up arcade cabinets, Skee-ball, pop-a-shot basketball, and pinball machines. Your games, your rules.

To help you start your brainstorming, we’ve complied some of the coolest, quirkiest, most over-the-top game rooms on the Internet for inspiration, or if you’re actually serious about a game room.

You might start by dusting your brother at darts over the Thanksgiving holiday… just to make sure you’re ready.

The King of Pop’s play palace

Photo 1

A conversation about celebrity game rooms begins and ends with Michael Jackson’s legendary pinball collection. Most of it has been auctioned, so these photos are older, but if you have the cash and the drive, there are still plenty of old machines out there to buy. (A few adult friends to play them with might help, too.) LINK
If it’s good enough for Jay and Bey…

Photo 2

This Hamptons mansion has a basketball court, skate ramp, bowling alley and climbing wall, among its more traditional comforts. Curious how much it costs to have a bowling alley put in your home? A quick search suggests anywhere from $18,000 to $45,000. The good people at Brunswick are happy to help, we’re sure.
But you don’t HAVE to overdo it

Photo 3

We love this rustic billiards room with a large hanging TV. Something tells us there is a bar or whiskey cabinet nearby, as well.
Red-hot poker

Photo 4

Do you want to make a big splash with the guys and deck out your poker room, but you don’t quiiiiite have the cash to buy that palace from Casino Royale? Have no fear. Any of these rooms will do quite nicely. Our favorite touches include the not one but TWO rooms that feature paintings of dogs, and the modern, all-white room that looks like it belongs in a space station (or onstage with the Blue Man Group). LINK
Done one theme, and do it well

Photo 5

Check out this guy (first video in the linked list), who turned his basement into a scene from Elder Scrolls. We can only imagine he guzzles ale from a horn, eats turkey legs in one bite and follows a strictly agrarian calendar, as well. LINK
Don’t skimp on sound

Look at those SPEAKERS.

Photo 6



Photo 7

We’re sure certain children grow up with their mother’s screaming “Don’t you DARE play golf in the house!” But not if they have this swingin’ game room.


Tech doesn’t have to reign

Photo 8

Did you make fun of kids who played Dungeons & Dragons when you were a kid? Perhaps if you’d known they were playing in this room you would have given them a little more respect back then. Of course, now you call one of them “boss.”


Go all out

Photo 9

And sometimes you WANT the largest space in your house to look like the lair of one of Mega Man’s robot villains.
Need more ideas? There’s always Pinterest. Wall Scrabble, and storing games and equipment UNDERNEATH a usable tabletop are two of our favorite touches.