Article: Agent Preparation for 2018

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Holiday break: How to spend it wisely

The tree is trimmed. The gifts are (almost) wrapped. A break from school and work is upon us. Our hope for you here at zBuyer is that you are able to take a few days to enjoy your families and count your blessings.

But, knowing real estate agents, your minds won’t be too far from your work. And that’s okay! Hopefully you’ve got some new toys to enjoy (maybe a few from last week’s gift guide for agents but we know that come Dec. 26 – or soon thereafter – you’ll be back at it. Look for our next article, set for Jan. 5, to be chock full of tips for making 2018 the best year of your careers.

But for now, there are a few things you can be doing to wrap up 2017 and prepare yourself for the success to follow. Consider these our gift to you.

Take stock

A quiet evening or morning post-holiday is the perfect time to brew up a cup of coffee, sip it out of your brand new mug (everyone gets a coffee mug for Christmas, right?) and make a list of the successes and near-misses you’ve had during the year. These can be the nuts-and-bolts of home-selling, methods you’ve tried or abandoned, or more intangible things you’ve felt, heard or thought over the course of the year.

  • A few suggestions, to get the juices flowing:
  • Things your closings had in common
  • Things your non-closed listings have in common
  • Ten things you tried that worked/didn’t work in 2017
  • Ten things you want to try in 2018
  • Five moments you were happiest at work in 2017
  • Five goals you have for yourself in 2018
  • Five people who helped you be successful in 2017
  • Five people or things who held you back in 2017


Visit your clients

It may be the slow season, but you surely still have listings on the market. Use the week between Christmas and New Year’s to call on each of those clients. Sit down for a cup of coffee – ideally at the property you’re selling, so you can reconnect with the physical space, too – and take stock of where you are in the process and the goals you have for 2018. Chances are your clients are taking stock of their own goals for 2018. You definitely don’t want “find another agent” to appear on any of them!


Clean your office and car

Can you peel away from family and college football for a few hours? Head into the office or go out to the garage and (literally) kick the residual trash of 2017 to the curb. Grab a bottle of Murphy’s Oil or Armor-All and give it all a good wiping down. Take mobile office (aka car) through the nearest car wash. Vacuum the rug. Buy new air fresheners. Make a brand new digital music playlist. Stock up on healthy things like granola, real-fruit rollups, low-sodium nuts and dried fruit for your snack drawer or console. You’ll land back at work on Jan. 2 knowing where everything is and actually enjoying the spaces where you spend so much time.


Take care of yourself

We don’t want to wander into another trite and disposable “New Year’s Resolutions” list, but there’s something to this self-care phenomenon. A healthy body is a big part of a healthy mind and – we daresay – a healthy bottom line. Join a gym, or start using the one you already belong to. At the very least, make some time every morning for stretching and meditation. Resolve to eat better (hence the healthy snacks in your car and office). Book a physical with your doctor or find someone to coach you through running that half-marathon or triathlon. We promise, you’ll thank us later.


Use your vacation

In real estate ,more so than many other professions, time actually is money. Hours spent relaxing literally ARE hours you could be spending listing properties or closing sales. That being said, you can’t put a value on mental health or the recharging of your mind and body. And the reconnecting you can do with a significant other or your kids on vacation is more important than any job.

And there’s not a better time to break away than now , before the busy season kicks in. Disney World is never less busy than January and February, and even tropical destinations are accessible in the winter months.

And no, real estate conventions aren’t vacations, though we’d love to see you at one!

Thank you for reading, being a zBuyer customer and making our jobs and successes possible.