Article: 14 Reasons 2018 is going to be your Greatest Year Ever

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2018 is not quite a week old. How are you feeling? Still battling the holiday hangover (figurative, hopefully not still literal)? Or have you hit the ground running, building the business and the life you want to create for the coming year?

We hope it’s the latter, but either way, we’re here to help wrap up Week One with a jolt of energy. There are a lot of reasons for real estate agents to be totally stoked for 2018. Here are some of the biggest reasons we see.

14. The market is in the right spot

Sure, we could all use a good bull market in real estate, but “steady” is usually better than “unsustainable.” Metro areas across the country are solid, some downright hot, and barring something unforeseen, they should stay that way for a while. Bottom line: There shouldn’t* be too many economic or market factors standing between you and success in 2018.
13. In times of uncertainty, real estate is always a good bet

Though the real estate market is good, our national political and financial climates (particularly for you Bitcoiners) are a bit more unstable. That’s when real estate is at is most attractive: They’re not making any more of it and it can really stabilize a portfolio. If you’ve been looking at getting into the investment game, or focusing a chunk of your time on investor clients, now would be a pretty good time.
12. You learned a lot from 2017

A couple of weeks ago we suggested you analyze your 2017 and make a list of the successes, mistakes, opportunities and struggles you experienced. Did you do that? Good. Did you figure out what you need to do to correct those mistakes and amplify those successes? Even better. Now throw that list away and get to work.
11. Tech has never been more accessible

As you know as a zBuyer customer, technology can be a great asset to your business, and it’s never been more accessible or integral to your business. Apps, hands-free features in cars, customer management software and quality lead-generation partners (that’s us!) can put you over the top when it comes to signing listings and closing sales. Be sure you’re using the tools that can help get you there.
10. Listings = Sales

If there’s a weakness in the 2018 market, as with 2017, it’s a suppressed inventory. There just aren’t as many listings out there as the pool of buyers is demanding. That could be very good news for you, and is a reason to go all in – particularly in this pre-busy season – on finding new clients and listings. A quality listing, well-priced, should fly off the shelf in almost any market. Make sure those listings are yours.
9. Prices and rates are steady

Though we’d all love to see prices take a dramatic spike in 2017, it’s probably not in the cards (though we can dream). The good news is they’re probably not going to drop, either, and interest rates are expected to hover around the 4 percent mark, according to Forbes. This provides predictability for you and your clients.
8. Renting is an increasingly attractive option

Whether it’s empty nesters looking to shed some responsibility or Millennials who simply prefer to not take on a mortgage, rentals are hot in most markets. This is a two-pronged opportunity for you. One, you may find some supplemental business recruiting renters. Two, and more ideal, is those aforementioned investment buyers may be looking to increase their own inventory of rental properties.
7. You have a vacation waiting for you

You do, don’t you? If you haven’t booked one for 2018, do it now. Don’t wait on that tax return (if you even get one) and don’t want on “the right time,” because we know that’ll never come. Go online, grab some tickets and a bungalow on the beach somewhere, and give yourself a break to look forward to. You (and your family) will thank us later.
6. Millennials are another year older

With each passing year Millennials get older and – hopefully – closer to becoming a more predictable set of real estate buyers and sellers than they are right now. That may not happen, but this tech savvy subset is already the most influential demographic in the market and in a few years will be the most powerful as well. Make sure they’re part of your recruitment and marketing mix.
5. YOU and YOUR BUSINESS another year older

As your clients age, so do you, and the lessons you’ve learned from 2017 – and 2016, and 2015 – are compounding by the day. Where were you three years ago? Where are you now? Now think about where you could be three years from this very moment. It’s an exciting thought, isn’t it? Never stop visualizing that goal and working toward it, every single day.
4. Avengers: Infinity War comes out

Okay, we admit that there’s a non-zero chance that you have a rough patch here and there in 2018, but don’t let it get you down. Spend time with your family. Take care of yourself. Go see a dang movie every now and then.
3. There’s never been a better time to work in middle America

Our favorite beginning-of-the-year articles are the ones that predict the “hot” markets, and for 2018 the theme is… there is no theme.’s top 10 markets, for example, hit every time zone and most regions of the country. Fully half of the markets are in the Central or Mountain time zones and only one of them (Stockton) is in California.
2. zBuyer is still here for you

We’re not going anywhere, and we will continue funneling motivated sellers to your inbox on the regular. As you strive to grow and perfect your business, we do to, and we’re looking forward to some exciting successes – YOUR successes – in 2018.
1. You’re awesome

Never forget this. No one can do what YOU do for your clients, and no other agent can have the same relationship you have. Don’t sell houses… sell your relationship, and the listings – and commissions – will follow.

Have a great year, everyone!