Article: Overused Words in Real Estate

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We thought we’d have a laugh this week and poke a little fun at the real estate industry’s own penchant to overuse jargon. That is, the lingo we hear all day every day that the general public either doesn’t understand or hates to hear. “Overused” might also apply to words that simply don’t apply to the current market.

So, without further ado, here’s our list. If you have your own, find us on Facebook and comment on this post!

Priced to Sell

Only suitable when “priced to not sit stagnant on the market for six months” is too long to put in a classified.
Next to New

Okay, so it’s not new. Got it.
This House Has Great Potential!

So did the Titanic. (See also: Hidden gem)
Open Floor Plan

Never understood including this one. Is there such thing as a closed floor plan?

All listed in the thesaurus next to the word “small”
Original owner

Be careful with this one. If the house is of a certain age, it’s going to conjure up images of awful wallpapers and pink-tiled bathrooms from the ’60s.
Chef’s dream!

Uh, okay. Tell me about the oven setup or the new appliances. I can only imagine what Anthony Bourdain dreams about and it’s not helping me visualize this house.

Know your market. To the 1 percent luxury means “comfort.” To the rest of us it means “expensive” or “pretentious.” Or both.

Unless you’re selling a cabin by the lake, this isn’t going to help. Your listing includes a Google Maps link. They’re gonna know.
This home has it all!

Does it have a basketball court? Does it have a sno-cone stand? Does it have an automobile production plant? No? Then it doesn’t have it all.
Great schools!

When was the last time you saw a listing that promised “decent schools.” Those that care will already know, those that don’t will want you to focus on something else.


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