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Five Real Estate YouTube Channels to Follow Today

Did you know YouTube is the second most-used search engine in the world? Did you know mobile-technology users (which means all of the technology users you care about) are consuming video content at an increasingly high rate? Did you know taking video and editing video is easier than ever, and can be done from your phone? Well, you do now.

One of the best things about video is its diversity. It can be used to train, market or entertain. We’ve gathered up a few of the best around for you to add to your subscription list and share with your friends, and possibly inspire you to start your own video marketing empire.



The Social Pro

No one we found makes real estate – and YouTube marketing on the subject – more accessible than Loida Velasquez. She mixes on-the-go access to a busy professional agent with the colorful vibe of a Snapchat-savvy Millennial, and the results are easy-to-watch, helpful videos suitable for a staff training or personal-downtime viewing session.

With nearly 20,000 subscribers, we see Loida remaining a strong part of the social real estate landscape.




The Agent on the Go

Jessica Riffle Edwards doesn’t have the most elaborate channel, but it might be the most true-to-life agent diary you’ll find. Much of her content is shot from a dash-cam, in the car, and if that doesn’t reflect the life most busy agents live, we don’t know what does.

We like how Jessica creates content for potential buyers/sellers AND fellow agents, letting them into her life without getting into the weeds of client management or funneling leads (there are others who do that very well; however it doesn’t create compelling video content). She also does top-flight tours of listed homes that combine both the selling points of the property and her own personality as an agent. Very well done.




The Pro’s Pro

Marketability and energy are very important when it comes to YouTube marketing, but they’re not everything. Sometimes you’re just looking for a respected pro with valuable coaching and insight to offer, even if it means a drop in production values. Look no farther than Kevin Ward.

And that’s not to say Kevin’s stuff isn’t well produced. Some of it is VERY slick. But some of it is simply Kevin in front of a flip-chart explaining how to make a great first impression or close a deal. That’s stuff you can use.

And who DOESN’T need to watch a YouTube video about how to take a vacation, honestly?

The Much-Needed Laugh

Who reading this takes himself or herself too seriously much of the time? We see you. (Yes, our hands are up, too.)

Take a break with The Broke Agent, a combination of animated and real-life humor that will entertain you and help you wind down from a stressful open house, even if it’s not something you’d want to show at a motivational conference.


The Viral Marketing Squad

No agent is an island, and there’s no “I” in success. If you work with a team you love, why not put the full force of your collective talents toward a YouTube channel for your brand?

One great example is the Texas-based Goodlife Team, which does a nice of job spreading out the stardom (and the work), while still featuring each individual agent’s personality quite well. Upsides include more interaction and different perspectives for the viewer, and (presumably) less work for everyone on the team.

They do a lot of listing videos, but some advice stuff as well. These are well-lighted and consistently shorter than one minute long (lighting and brevity are both under-rated YouTube traits). It’s worth a look.

General Tips:

A helpful list of top YouTubers (featuring a couple of our selections):

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